6 Tips to Regroup Cards to Form Sequences and Sets

The cards originally in your rummy hand need to be constantly regrouped depending on progress of the game. It is necessary to do so to win the game the fastest and to avoid confusions. Thus, when you play rummy, the most important thing to do is, group related cards separately from unrelated cards. We will look into the details of grouping rummy cards in the following post.

  1. Place Unrelated Cards Together

When you receive the cards, you will find a few that are perhaps not related to any other card in the hand. For instance, a 5 of Spade will be counted as unrelated card if there are no other closely related cards present, such as 4, 3, 6, or 7 of Spade. But, if there are more 5s of other suit in a rummy game, you may keep the 5s together, if you are interested to form a set of 5s. Make sure to keep the unrelated cards separated from closely related ones.

  1. Place Related Cards Together from Original Hand

When you play rummy online, the cards are dealt by a system. The cards you get the first form your original hand. You may receive cards that are closely related to each other, such as 7 of Heart and 8 of Heart, 3 of Club and Ace of Club, and henceforth. Keep the related cards grouped together so that when you get a card that completes the sequence, say 9 of Heart, you can group it easily as a sequence – 7, 8, and 9 of Heart.

When picking a card from closed deck, you may receive one that is closely related to a card lying idle (ungrouped, due to not having any related card yet). Now group these cards together and wait for cards to form a complete set or a sequence. A rummy card game is indeed full of surprises, a card that seems not worthy enough in original hand, may actually be the one to form the first pure sequence.

  1. Placement of Jokers

Many players prefer to place Jokers with related cards, other prefer to group it together (if they receive more than one Joker card) separately. Then there are those who prefer to put Joker cards among unrelated or related cards. The choice is basically yours depending on your Indian rummy playing technique. Choose placement of Joker cards in a way that does not get you confused when forming a sequence or a set. But do not discard a Joker card by mistake, as there is no way to undo a move.

When you play rummy online for cash, avoid using Joker cards to make pure sequences. You can use these cards rather to form sets or impure sequences. If there are Jokers in excess, stopping you from making a pure sequence, then you may discard those. The opponent cannot pick a Joker you discard.

  1. Group Cards into a Sequence

As rummy game online progresses, you will get the right cards to form sequences. Now do not wait for the last moment to group cards into sequences, but do it as soon as you think you have all the necessary cards. This strategy will help you declare the game soon, once you have a valid hand. This is why placing related cards together at the very start of the game is important. It cuts down time taken to arrange and group cards at a stage when almost anyone can declare the game.

  1. Group Cards into a Set

Like how you group cards into sequences, you need to do the same to form sets. For an ultimate rummy play, grouping cards of same numerical value from the start of the game will restrict you from wasting time during the time of declare. Do not however depend too heavily on sets alone, as you need at least one pure sequence to win the game. So, your primary focus must be to group cards to make a pure sequence, then an impure sequence and a set, if you cannot make more than one pure sequence.

  1. Show Cards on Declare

The best rummy win is only possible when you do not waste time but play practically so that you are the one to declare the game. Sometimes due to not grouping the cards in the right way, players do not declare the game, despite having all the needed cards to make sequences and sets. Do not be one of those, group the cards carefully, and make a valid declare. A ‘valid declare’ is the one where you have the required number of valid sequences and sets for a show.

So follow all the rummy rules carefully and group the cards from the beginning of the game for a valid win.