How to replace an air conditioner in Dubai

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Air conditioning in the UAE is about as common as oxygen itself, and for good reason: it gets really hot here. If something happens to your AC you’ll need to replace it ASAP. 

We’ve just made that process that much easier for you.

Step 1: Measure the window and space in question

Measuring the window seems pretty obvious when buying a window unit AC. First,  you’ll want to get out the tape measure and see how big your rooms are. It’s much better to actually measure than to just guess sizes as you want to make sure your unit will cool your room just right. Also keep in mind things like kitchens, that will be hotter than other rooms (also pay attention to sunlight).

Step 2: Calculate

The power of an AC unit is measured in British Thermal Units, we recommend taking a look at a BTU calculator to see how much power a room of any size would need. This website has an easy to use calculator.

Step 3: Figure out how many you need

It may seem as simple as figure out the size of your room, throw the numbers into the calculator and boom, you’re done. It’s not quite that easy, you must think about your entire home, and how an AC unit in one end of the house wont really do the other end justice. If your home has bad airflow, your conditioned air won’t get very far. This is why you may need multiple units.

Step 4: Buying the AC

Bear in mind if you need a window unit or a portable unit. Window units are bigger and stronger but also louder and fixed. Portable units are a bit more expensive but they don’t take up an entire window and they’re less noisy. You can also consider smart AC units, that you can programme and work from your phone, this is handy if you’re out of the house. Brands like Frigidaire, LG and Haier all have good options.

Step 5: The installation

Unless you’re a professional weight lifter, we seriously recommend having a friend over to help with this bit. When setting it in your window, you want to set the AC at an angle for drainage. That angle should always be away from the inside of the house. Never install an AC so that it is perfectly level. If the condensation has nowhere to go it will linger in the unit itself, breed mould, and then leave you with an AC that spews out cold air that smells terrible.

At these point we would recommend you call in a professional to help you with anything else. You may run into issues like you need to buy a support for the outside of your home for the unit to rest securely. Things like having a custom frame for your window unit is also best left to the pros, as well as things like adding some insulation to gaps around the unit.

And there you have it, you’re set, you’ve found the perfectly sized and powered unit for your home and you’ve got someone round to fit it for you safely.