Meditation and yoga help two sportspersons ace CBSE Class 12 exams

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It’s not easy to excel in academics as well as ports, but Pramila and Mehakpreet Kaur of BCM Arya Model Senior School have managed to score 96.2% and 95.6%, respectively, in the Class 12 CBSE humanities exams. Both have represented their school at the CBSE National Badminton Championship, Pramila four times and Meharpreet Kaur once.

Meditation played a large part in her success, says Pramila. “Being a sportsperson I understand how important discipline and time management are and I am proud to say that all my hard work has paid off,” she says.

“Try meditation, it has helped me a lot , both in academics and sports,” she advises juniors, adding, “I am also thankful to my parents who have supported me in every challenge I undertook.”

A regular at the gym, Meharpreet Kaur says yoga keeps her going and that’s the reason why she finds it easy to maintain a balance between studies and sports.

Meharpreet Kaur

Pramila agrees, saying “One has to maintain a healthy balance between sports and academics.” She practises the sport for three hours a day to improve her skills. “Badminton is what I love and I will like to make a career out of it, she says.

Regular hours of studies helped too and the message Pramila wants to give to her juniors is: “Follow what your heart says and success will automatically follow.

Meharpreet Kaur dreams of helping the underprivileged and also wants to be an English professor.

A strong believer in destiny, she says a person who is true to himself or herself will have his or her path “revealed” to them.

She and her father are also currently working on a project in which they are spreading awareness on ill effects of using plastic.