Modi government will know how to get AC at low prices after cheap LED bulb

Modi government will know how to get AC at low prices after cheap LED bulb

For the second time, the Narendra Modi government of the Center, which is going to take charge of the country for the second time, is preparing to give a tremendous sense of relief to the people of this country. The Indian government is now preparing to provide cheap air conditioners (ACs) on the lines of cheap LED bulbs across the country.

Indeed, in the scorching heat, fans and coolers get less relief. In such a situation, only AC can provide relief from heat, but due to expensive prices it becomes difficult for people of general category to get AC purchases. Looking at all these things, the Indian government is planning to provide AC in very cheap prices across the country.

Public sector company Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has planned to launch an e-commerce platform for the general public, where the customers will be able to purchase branded air conditioners at a lower cost than the market price. EESL can launch this platform by July this year. Companies like LG, Panasonic, Blue Star and Godrej have shown interest in selling cheap ACs on this platform.

About this plan an EESL official told ‘Outlook’ that official facts will be released soon in this regard. On the basis of which it will be able to know when the scheme will be implemented and how it can be availed of.  

Guaranteed to install in 24 hours, with exchange offer

According to the sources, consumers can buy a home made olive oil. Within 24 hours of online booking, there will be guarantees of AC fit. The goal of the government is to reduce energy demand by providing energy efficient ACs.

35-40% reduction in cost of electricity as well as consumption  

The price of the AC provided by the government can be reduced by 15 to 20 percent from the price of normal AC. However, in many media reports, it is also claimed that the cost of the AC supplied by the government can be reduced by up to 30%. The subsidy given by the government will not only be affordable but will also reduce the consumption of 35-40 percent of electricity. Let us know that the cheap LED bulbs were also provided by EESL only.

This customer will be able to buy AC

EESL will only sell ACs to those customers, whose name will be the electricity connection. It is believed that like the LED bulb, this company can also make AC available on the monthly installment payment.

The cheap AC can come in the market by July

This AC of government company EESL may be available in India’s markets from July. However, not everyone can afford to buy ACs at cheap prices. These people can buy only those people who have electricity connection in their name.

Target to sell AC to 2 lakh people by next year  

EESL has also set a target for supply of AC, the company has set a target of selling AC to 2 lakh people by next year. Customers will get a 1 year guarantee while AC will be given a 5-year guarantee on the compressor.