Private security agencies growing at a fast pace, will create more jobs: Piyush Goyal

In an address at the Private Security Industry Conclave (PSIC), Minister of Railways and Commerce Piyush Goyal said that private security sector may soon become one of the largest job creators in the industry.

He said that the government would look at areas where government security can be replaced by private security, so that the nation’s security apparatus can be engaged in critical areas. Goyal also suggested that private security may be employed at railway stations.

Speaking on the role of private security guards during demonetisation, Goyal said the industry played a critical role.

“During demonetisation, all cash vans were handled by private security agencies and that was the time I saw the capacity of the industry to rise up to the challenge,” he said.

Training is an essential component of the industry and requires more focused effort. Goyal suggested certification of the guards, in consultation with the Home Ministry. He said this would help the guards to get better wages and promotion according to training and experience.

Speaking on Chowkidar as the centre of the election campaign, Goyal said  PM Modi has given dignity to the work done by the security guards of the country. He said that ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ is one of the most successful campaigns themes which involved millions across the country into a mass movement.

Addressing problems related to the security industry, Goyal suggested that several of the issues need to be addressed mutually between the industry and private security agencies. He said that the Private Securities Regulation Act is not being followed and most guards are denied minimum wages.

To save money and avoid paying wages, industries tend to hire unrecognised agencies.  According to Goyal, around 80 percent of the agencies do not have the required credentials.

Industry members sought the government’s help to ease state regulations on acquiring credentials. Goyal said the government would take steps to ensure registration for private security agencies is made easier.